Dear Clients:

The law firm of Fong & Chun, llp was founded in 2002, and for ten years, it has been our pride and privilege to provide our clients from all over the world with immigration and nationality law assistance. Our goal has always been quality legal representation and respect for our clients.

J & Eileen remain committed to these values. However, we want to let you know that -- as of today -- we will be starting new paths. Our goal is a seamless transition for all our clients. We remain committed to each other and our clients. As such, you may choose to continue your attorney-client relationship with either of us; the choice is entirely yours.

J will continue practicing immigration and nationality law, focusing on families, investors, intra-company transfers, waivers, and non-traditional families. His office is located at The Atrium, 709 E Colorado Blvd, Suite 250, Pasadena, CA 91101. You can call him at 626.577.8020 . His e-mail address is:, and web site is J will also continue to see clients at the Palm Springs Office.

Eileen has moved to 155 N. Lake Ave., 8th Floor, Pasadena, CA 91101 You can call her at 213.674.0599. Her e-mail address is Eileen will continue to work with worker visas, employment-based green card cases, religious workers, and artists and entertainers of extraordinary ability.

We anticipate that this will be a smooth transition for both our clients and ourselves. You should feel free to contact either of us with any questions or concerns that you may have. Thank you for your continued trust in us.

Very truly yours,

FONG & CHUN, llp

Eileen Chun-Fruto (
J Craig Fong (